The journey starts here! 
For example: You send the guests the "hotel app" 3 days before arrival so that they can orientate themselves and customize thing for their stay, this is where the experience starts! It also greatly facilitates check-in! The guest will be able to choose if they want a welcome package, and how they will do their shopping (via the app). They can already book a table for one of the restaurants, or pre-order products from the store as well.


Providing mobile check-in services not only benefits your guests, but it is also good for your daily operations. It streamlines your check-in process, reduces front desk friction, and allows front desk employees to spend more time assisting guests, which leads to more personalized guest service. Providing a streamlined, easy check-in process not only enhances the guest experience but it also frees up staff time to focus on delivering the next level of service.

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