" the real thing "

Because there is already a lot of mature garden at the resort. and that is certainly so beautiful, it would be nice to expand this with more natural materials, (less tiles): for example, grass around the pool, and fill the lower terraces with beach sand, with the covered daybeds, and the regular sun beds around the pool. This will also benefit the acoustics in the outdoor area and thus provide more peace in the already green resort. In the "greenhouse" of the wellness department, a beautiful orangery can be made ... with many plants, so that it also has a more natural integration into the landscape.


By using "very real" natural, basic  materials, such as Rattan, Reeds, Beach sand, large subtropical plants, maybe even grass and cacti, in combination with very "earthy" colors you get a wonderfully rich, chic and irresistible, timeless ambiance.

A rich, chic, timeless and irresistible ambiance 

A rich, chic, timeless and irresistible ambiance 

Rattan, reeds, beach sand. .



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